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OceanServer Digital Compass Products

Important Notification: All Compass Products are End of Life (EOL) and no longer for sale (EOL Notification)

OceanServer offers solid state, 3 - Axis Attitude Sensors for a variety of applications where size, simple operation and cost are the keys to successful integration.  The compasses are tilt compensated providing 1 degree accuracy and can be connected via USB, RS232 or TTL .  OceanServer compass products are utilized by thousands of customers worldwide to provide precise heading, roll and pitch data.  

OS4000-T Solid State Tilt Compensated Nano Compass (TTL) End of Life

The OS4000-T Nano Compass is one of the world's tiniest 3 Axis tilt compensated compass solutions.  Includes all the same powerful features of the OS5000 family in a board mount package priced for volume applications
> Ultra Low Cost Design
> Nano Size : 6” x .6” PCB
> A single gram and .5 Degree RMS

OS5000-S Solid State Tilt Compensated 3 Axis Digital  Compass (Serial)  End of Life

OS5000-S (RS232) offers solid state tilt compensated design in a tiny 1" square footprint 


> Ultra Low Cost Design
> Micro Size : 1” x 1” PCB
> Power: 3.3V regulated, 3.3-5V unregulated

OS5000-USD Solid State Tilt Compensated Compass with Depth Measurement (Serial or USB) End of Life

OS5000-USD provides the standard featu with depth measurement utilizing a transducer. Compatible pressure transducers operate in the 0.5V – 4.5V direct output range (such as the MSI MSP-340). 
> Tiny 1" Square Design
> Depth Accessed via RS232 Port
> Power: 5V regulated USB or  3.3V - 5V RS232

Additional Specifications for all Products:

- Tilt compensated compass heading
- Yaw, pitch and roll to 1.0 degree resolution
- Honeywell 3-axis Magnetic sensors
- STM 3-axis accelerometer (full range tilt compensation)
- Offer both soft and hard iron calibration routines

OS4000-T Data Sheet

OS5000 Family Data Sheet

OS5000 Family User Manual Download

OS4000-T User Manual Download

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Compass Modules

OS5000 Windows "C" example program for talking to the compass, Source code

The above "C" program is for software developers; to just view basic compass operations users should download the below program:

OS5000 Windows Compass Demo Program, Installer

Visit OceanServer's Download Page for compass mechanical drawings and 3D models

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